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Comprehensive answer to air sanitisation

How viruses spread is reduced?

Keep the surfaces in their workplace clean – Considerded low risk.

Reduce the risk of spread of the virus through the air

Practice social distancing and wear mask to protect others

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed in October 2020 that Covid -19 is airborne. Did you know that airborne viruses and bacteria can linger for up to 9 hours?

Airistine LTD provides air sanitisation solution

Our product- Ultron is being used all around Europe to provide clean and safe air. It not only eradicates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria using the cleverly designed ozone free UV-C light which kills the DNA and RNA for the virus, but also eliminates odours, dust, mould and pollen using state of the


Dust & Allergens



Mold & Fungi


Introducing Ultron. An industry standard Air Sanitiser & Purifier.

Why Ultron

Medical Grade

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Large Capacity

Safe and Reliable

Plug & play

By continuously filtering the air in your environment, you can provide a cleaner and safer environment for your employees and customers.
Ultron will give you a cleaner, safer and environmentally friendly solution in any indoor environment.





Educational Insitutes


Hair & Beauty Salon

Gyms and Studios

Doctors & Dentists

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